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Making home care easier

In the context of aging societies, and their desire to age with dignity while living at home we asked ourselves how these challenges for the health care system can be addressed through design. TABLU is a service system which supports informal caregivers and families who take care of their relatives at home.

Understanding people

We wanted to get a deep understanding of the target users.
By interviewing and accompanying seniors and caregivers in their homes during a multi-week ethnographic study we learned about challenges and issues they are facing on a daily basis.


Enabeling people

Knowing the people and their issues we designed and developed the overall service which includes a mobile tablet app. TABLU is meant to connect elderly patients and their families to the health care system in a human, empathic, and even delightful way.


Making knowledge accessible

One of the core services in the TABLU App is the expanding video library, guiding caregivers through the ABC of homecare.

Connecting people

To connect care giving families to the health system,
TABLU offers a guided, contextual helpdesk, which gives them confidence and a strong feeling of safety.

This gives them the opportunity to receive the guidance and specific education they need.


Long term testing

As a German Government-funded research project in partnership with a group of strong organisations within the area of ambient assisted living, TABLU is currently being tested in the real world for 3 years.


Visit the TABLU website for more information about the study.

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Tübingen
Research project funded by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung,
2012 – 2015
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