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Sennheiser TeamConnect Wireless

Wireless audio conferencing for up to 24 people.

Audio expert Sennheiser is setting new standards with the launch of the first-ever wireless portable conferencing system for up to 24 people: TeamConnect Wireless. We are honored to have been part of this exciting venture right from the start. We had already worked on a variety of strategic projects for world-leading audio expert Sennheiser, but when our long-term client shared their vision of the first wireless portable conference system for up to 24 people with us, we were immediately excited. We knew right away that we could help Sennheiser define and design a groundbreaking product and user experience.

Based on the findings of our extensive research and testing, we were able to define the product concept and develop it in an ongoing iterative process of designing, testing and re-evaluation.


We collaborated closely with Sennheiser and their acoustic engineers in a design and development process marked by exceptional creativity and intensity. Our common goal was never to compromise on user needs and wants and deliver the ultimate in terms of design, sound quality and usability.


The result is truly impressive: 360° sound, high connectivity via Bluetooth (NFC assisted pairing), audio cable and USB, a master unit and three satellites for broadcasting the voices of up to 24 conference participants in top audio quality, a carrying case that combines charging and storage in one simple unit and much more.


TeamConnect Wireless enables you to set up a conference effortlessly – anytime, anywhere and with excellent sound quality. It boots autonomously within a matter of seconds. Supporting multiple simultaneous audio channels, it is the first system on the market that allows additional participants to join an ongoing conference simply by connecting additional devices.

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A stunning, intensely iconic, top-class design combined with revolutionary intuitive usability.


Working so closely with the Sennheiser team was a hugely enjoyable experience that allowed us to contribute the entire scope of our expertise – from user research, strategic product definition and usability testing all the way to industrial and UX design.


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We are over the moon with the brilliant final result.

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