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12 Oct Our strategic partnership with iO Lifescience

We have been developing products and services for clients from the life science sector for many years. Our aim: not just to make it easier for the ill to cope with their disease but to help them live with it as well. As a design and innovation agency, we want to do the best we possibly can to help patients focus on the more pleasant aspects of life again. That is both our goal and our strength.

But even the best, most user-friendly and most innovative ideas don’t help anybody if they’re not available on the market, which is why a strong development partner is essential in order to respond to the unique challenges of the life science industry. That’s the reason iO Lifescience was founded with bases in San Francisco, Pune and Munich.

In our strategic partnership with iO Lifescience, we are responsible for the areas research, design, usability and innovation, while iO Lifescience is in charge of engineering and the approval and documentation processes. 

This enables us to create a customised full service offering for our clients from the life science industry: we develop human centered, life-enhancing products and services and help get them to market as fast as possible.

We’re looking forward to it.