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20 Aug LUNAR Offsite 2016

Jumping off a height of 10 meters, helping your colleague while balancing along a beam 15 meters above the ground – here is how leaving our comfort zone inspired us, bound us together and fueled our creativity for innovative thinking …

Two days of mountain countryside far away from our telephones and computer screens sounded like the perfect getaway and so LUNAR Europe shut its doors on a warm Thursday morning and set off for their annual offsite. It was 48 hours packed with adrenaline, creativity, and most importantly, lots of fun. 

We went to a high rope course where we were promptly harnessed before taking on challenging obstacles, such as climbing walls and poles. The tasks progressively became more challenging and we needed to constantly look out for each other while navigating our way through. We rely on our colleagues heavily on a day to day basis, but it is not until you are suspended in mid air, trying to complete an obstacle course that you realise how important it is to be part of a team that genuinely cares.

After a hike to the Kampenwand and a scrumptious dinner on the „Almhütte”, we stepped into the dark night. Walking down for more than 3 hours with only a few flame torches in our hands to help us navigate our way back, contributed to that intense feeling of connection, comradery and pride of being part of such an amazing team.

For the second year, we stayed at Nils Holger Moormann’s guesthouse ”Berge“, a designers paradise. Everything in this place was curated and executed to perfection. On arrival, we spent so much time admiring each others rooms that we were actually late for our first team building activity. 

Workshopping in such a setting on our second day was inspiring and a real privilege. But what truly made a lasting impression was something else. We realized how much easier we can think outside of the box after leaving our comfort zone and experiencing something new. 

This is what fuels our creativity. 

It was a truly memorable experience that we hope to take part in for many more years to come.

The LUNAR Europe team